Please note that all CCBA memberships run from July 1st through June 30th.  If you are joining or renewing after January 1st, please contact our offices to discuss interim dues rates.

Please select a member type to continue your registration

In order to qualify for regular membership in the Collier County Bar Association the registrant must be a member in good standing of the Florida Bar Association.  The registrant must also reside or practice in Collier County, Florida.  Regular members receive an automatic subscription to our monthly newsletter, The Adverse Witness.  Annual dues for regular membership are $150.


A regular member may register for government pricing if they qualify for regular membership and are employed full time by a federal, state or local government agency.  Annual dues for government membership are $100.


Honorary membership in the association is open to all General masters working in Collier County, Florida and to all Judges of the 20th Judicial Circuit, the Federal District Court for the Southern or Middle Districts, Magistrates of the Federal District Court and Judges of any Courts of Appeal to which appeals may be taken from those Courts.  In addition, retired members of the Florida Bar residing in Collier County and who practiced in the State of Florida for at least fifty years may apply for Honorary Membership.


Affiliate members are not required to be members of the Florida Bar Association, but must reside or work in Collier County.  Typical affiliates include attorneys licensed in other states, paralegals, private investigators and others whose careers are closely related to the practice of law.  Affliliate members may not vote in affairs of the association, nor hold office.  Annual dues for affiliate members are $75.

Law Student

An affliliate member may register for law student pricing if they qualify for affiliate membership and are currently enrolled in a law school located within the United States of America.  Annual dues for student memberships are $25.

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